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AMOLED Burnin Check

What is your Smartphone?

Is AMOLED-equipped phone ever?
Sometimes you can see Afterimage in screen ever?

So we prepared for you!

AMOLED Burnin Check App!

You don’t need neglect your burnin anymore through this app

Wait! What is Burnin?
AMOLED display case white or in intense color screen, LED crowd went badly dim view on the screen, an afterimage remains. This app is designed for those of you who would like to confirm whether or not this phenomenon!

This app does not use AMOLED display phone has no effect at
Use the AMOLED display on the phone (Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Razr, etc.).

Updated 2.0, Application User interface was changed and Hide soft key function was added.

– Lee MiRu

Click here to download version 2.0_4 apk – 715.44KB
MD5 Hash – 46b7459e907b05a9cd79c5f4ca12dbc1

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Last update – 2017-12-20


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