SuperSensor Demo – Photography App – APK Download

SuperSensor Demo

SuperSensor technology allows taking high quality photos, as if your mobile camera had bigger sensor and lens.
It provides simultaneous improvement of resolution, low light performance and dynamic range.

Super mode currently available in A Better Camera for Nexus 5, 6 and LG G Flex2. Get it Now!

– Super Zoom – presenting a zoomed-in image from mobile device can be a frustrating experience. Not with Super Sensor. Resolution of zoomed image is way above standard camera.
– In low light – resolution improvement, noise reduction, shadow recovery
– When bright back-light causes object of interest to be lost in shadows. Super Sensor recover automatically and noise-free
– Scenes with beach and snow – automatic adjustment of typical auto-exposure failures (no user interaction!). What should be white is white now. Low-contrast details are not lost but enhanced. Miniature details revealed.
– Due to DR enhancement by up to 18db, high dynamic range scenes are handled well by Super Sensor.
– Perfect for documents: superior resolution and contrast maximisation. Always.

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